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Executive Summary - April 2022 
Asia Clean Energy Corporation

The Mission


Asia Clean Energy (ACE) is a BC registered company focused on developing renewable energy assets in Mongolia, a country which holds great potential to develop solar and wind projects for both domestic distribution and for export to China and other countries. Mongolia’s Gobi Desert will be part of China’s plan to make the Gobi the largest solar hub in the world and ACE’s projects will provide energy to the Asia Super Grid that is being developed to link Mongolia and its neighbouring countries in an interconnected grid.

Mongolia’s Renewable Energy Potential

Mongolia’s wind and solar potential is rapidly becoming the target of investment from China, Japan, and Korea.  The country’s total renewable energy potential, estimated at 2.6 terawatts, could by 2030 meet the total electricity demand of China.  Mongolia will be a major player in support of China’s transition to renewable energy with its potential wind and solar power capacity.  In addition, the country has the potential to develop the growing demand for green hydrogen assets.

The Opportunity


ACE is currently developing its first project, a 30MW solar facility located in Northern Mongolia.  The power generated from this facility will be offered to the OT mine, with the Mongolian Government connected on the grid through the capital of Selenge Province.  ACE has further acquired an option to lease 200+ hectares of land to build a 100MW facility next to the main grid leading directly to the OT copper mine.  The company further intends to develop green hydrogen on this second project, for potential use by the mine.

The Management Team


The ACE core management team includes a strategically positioned Mongolian Canadian with many connections in Mongolia.  The company has the pedigree of Canadian Solar, a top global company, with three former Canadian Solar executives leading ACE, who have first-hand experience developing projects in neighbouring China.  The management is further strengthened with an expert power distribution engineer and an accomplished investment relations executive on the team.  In addition, ACE is backed with legal counsel in Canada and Mongolia, with a representative office in Ulaanbaatar, and an accounting and financial planning firm in Vancouver.

ACE Strategic Investment Requirement


ACE generated CDN$1 million in first round investment at 10 cents/share and is now launching a second round of investment of CDN$2.5 million at 25 cents/share.  Use of proceeds are for early-stage development of the first 130MWs of projects and to take the company public.  In addition, ACE is seeking to develop strategic investment partnerships to strengthen the role of a Canadian renewable energy company actively developing renewable energy projects with key global partners who share the vision of developing the clean tech industry in Mongolia.

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