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Developing solar and wind projects in Mongolia

By directly partnering with the National Renewable Energy Agency of Mongolia, ACE has a clear first mover advantage in the country.  ACE executives have the knowledge, experience, and regional connections to contribute to Mongolia’s nearly limitless solar and wind potential, and to return significant value for investors.

Our Story

The potential in front of Asia Clean Energy, and its investors, is staggering.  The combination of opportunity, experience, and key connections place it in a position for massive growth.  The road ahead is covered in this article, but before we fully dive into where ACE has positioned itself, we need to understand the global renewable energy market and trends, so that is where we begin.

Wind Turbines

Our Mission

ACE continues its mission to partner with the Mongolian Renewable Energy Agency (MREA) to generate and secure PPAs for the Mongolian State Grid.  Using our connections and first mover status in an extremely lucrative emerging industry, we utilize our technical expertise and local knowledge to successfully capitalize on this opportunity and contribute to Mongolia’s transition to a clean energy driven economy.


Working with Canada’s international development bilateral assistance program in Mongolia, which is aligned with Mongolia’s Sustainable Development Vision 2030, ACE also positions itself to partner with The Development Bank of Mongolia (DEM) and international development banks and agencies working in Mongolia.  Our long term vision extends from powering regional and national grids within the country all the way to providing the backbone for the future Northeast Asian Super Grid, powering China, South Korea, and Japan.

Meet The Team

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Invest Smartly

Mongolia’s clean energy potential is enough to easily meet the country’s energy demand (around 1.3GW), and can meet northeast Asia’s regional energy demand with a suitable transmission infrastructure. 

Investment Documents

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