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Realizing Mongolia’s Energy Potential

Supplying the North East Asia Super Grid

Bringing Renewable Energy to Life

Within Mongolia’s Gobi Desert regions, the wind blows around the clock year round with very little precipitation, making conditions ideal for both solar and wind power generation. Unlike most other major deserts in the world, the Gobi is a rock desert, providing a stable foundation for solar panels and wind turbines.

Hitting the Global
GHG Emission
Reduction Targets

The government’s target is a share of renewable energy in total installed capacity of 20% by 2023 and 30% by 2030 as announced in the State Policy on Energy, 2015–2030.

Commitments to Renewable Energy and Carbon Reduction

Bringing more jobs and greater prosperity to Mongolians while aiding in Asia's push toward carbon neutrality.

Mongolia’s Key Role in the Super Grid

With its vast solar and wind resources, Mongolia will provide clean energy to the Super Grid connecting Mongolia, to China, Russia, Korea and Japan.

Our Five Year Action Plan

ACE has every intention of becoming the foremost

early-stage clean energy developer in Mongolia. 



Year 1

  • Aquire rights for 80 hectares

  • Commission 30+ MW feasibility study

  • Begin approvals for 30+ MW project

  • Negotiate power purchase agreements with the Government of Mongolia



Year 2

  • Begin development of 30+ MW project

  • Aquire rights for up to 200+ hectares

  • Commision 100+ MW feasability study

  • Begin approvals for 120+ MW project

  • Begin to generate up to $30M USD in JV and off-taker agreements


Company Updates

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